The improv classes for adults with Natacha are awesome! She has created an atmosphere of trust and kindness that allows us to let go and have fun. These classes are a great human experience for me, where I discover myself and others. Thank you Natacha!


With what a beautiful energy Natacha takes us to discover the art of improv and especially of ourselves! Each session is a new program with a central value: caring. It is a pleasure to share these moments with the group. So 1, 2, 3, improv !!!


I have been lucky enough to be involved in one of Natacha online project and I can't thank her enough for her dedication to create a positive energy for all the contestants!!! She did an amazing job! I'll definitely jump in her next project!


I have been lucky enough to know Natacha's work for many years. She puts a lot of creativity, passion, seriousness and involvement into all her projects. If everyone can improvise according to Viola Spolin's formula, few people can make you love improv like Natacha!


I was lucky to have Natacha as a coach in France and as a collaborator with The French Loop. She's an exceptional woman who knows how to get you out of your comfort zone and make you discover improv in a different way. The French Loop, a school of benevolence which has a bright future ahead!


The French Loop is the best Melbourne's French improv company. I had the opportunity to see a show and participate in a workshop when I arrived in Melbourne. Natacha transmits her passion with kindness and enthusiasm. Her dynamism is contagious! I recommend The French Loop to young and old alike looking to learn while having fun.


I highly recommend the French Loop. Natacha does an incredible job at getting the kids to develop their imagination in a highly structured and educational way! Natacha is very attentive to each kid’s personality and style, and does a great job at building on their strengths to achieve their full potential. The individual and family sessions are also great and tailored to your own family situation and objectives.


Lise loves her after-school drama class. We just signed up for another term! With role playing she built confidence and she expended her vocabulary. At the end of term 1, we even received a personalised assessment and examples of activities we can do with her.


Je recommande vivement Natacha, c'est une excellente prof d'improvisation, ses ateliers sont intéressants et très animés, avec elle, le rire est au rendez-vous que ce soit pour les grands ou les petits :) 


Merci énormément Natacha. Ça a été un vrai bonheur. Ça faisait longtemps, j'avais oublié comment ça peut faire du bien :). Je t'avoue que j'avais un peu d'appréhension au début, ma tipmidité ayant pris le dessus ces dernières années mais ton professionnalisme, ta joie de vivre contagieuse ont rendu cette expérience géniale. Un grand merci!