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If you think "I will never do Improv"...

I'm interested and I want to meet you!

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Director / Improviser

Natacha Muller was born in Melbourne but grew up in different cities in France. She began improvisation theatre at the age of 13 years old in a company called Les Improvisateurs. She was the only teenager in a class of adults. While going through the challenge years of being a teenager, she discovered herself by using techniques from the art of improvisation and made her path through it. 


The love of performing came to her as an épiphanie. Expressing herself and her emotions by creating different characters  while being on stage. It clearly became a need for her to share with her friends and family.

 At the age of 20 years old, she decided to deepen her knowledge in drama during her University years and improve her acting and teaching skills by teaching in Primary schools, High schools, associations and hospitals.


Whilst completing her drama degree, Natacha was practicing her skills in after schools care and got quickly involved into training adults to work with children, which involved specific art methods known as puppetry, acting, creativity activities.

After 10 years of practicing Improvisation Theatre in Strasbourg, she created with the help and support of two friends her first compagnie , Les Anodins, and started to teach and play in different cities around France. 


This experience made her develop and grow her knowledge as a leader and a teacher.

Shortly after, Natacha started to teach ‘self-esteem’ classes via le théâtre d’improvisation in a Management School four days a week over five years.


During her spare time, she kept practicing her own acting skills on stage but also by being a member of the Championnat d’Improvisation de la LOLITA of Strasbourg. 


Being very passionate about her work, Natacha had decided to get herself out of her comfort zone by moving to Melbourne in 2017 while starting a family. Now mother of one, she is increasingly aware of the value of theatre in her life and is willing to share this with the Australian community.

paulineC (1).jpeg


Pauline Calmé is an international teacher, performer and director from France.

She performed in 150+ professional theatre shows (Improvisation, clown, mask, contemporary and classical). From 2013 to 2018, she performed in the successful long-form improv show Le Fauteuil with the company Smoking Sofa. she performed as a clown and physical actress in Requiem for 3 years (2015 to 2017).


In 2016, she created and directed Le Fauteuil d’orchestre, a musical and improvised show. She taught, directed and performed improv in 15 festivals (NZ Improv Festival 2017, Improvention 2017, Nelson Fringe Festival 2018, Slovenia Kamfest, and festivals in France).

Pauline studied acting for two years at Armel Veilhan’s theatre school in Paris. From 2015, she mentored by the clown-acrobat Ira Seidenstein (Slava SnowShow, Cirque du soleil, International School for Acting And Creativity in Brisbane).


In 2019 Pauline became an official associate of I.S.A.A.C. In France, she is supported by the company Trance Mask France.

Sandra Desjardins.jpg


Born and raised around Paris, in France, Sandra loves to be an actress and has always loved it. Her mother has a lot of stories of how she always wanted to be on stage from a very young age. She has spent several years in drama class at the Conservatoire but then had to quit acting for medical studies. At University, her natural inclination for acting has helped her to be involved in a lot of presentations.

After several years in medical practices and in public health, she has never forgotten acting. Always trying to follow her dreams, she married her husband in 2015 and decided to come to Australia in 2017.

If her talent has been mostly used for bedtime stories for her children for some time, Natacha has been able to make her dreams come true! Their ideas, energy, and craziness combined are now fuel for incredible improvisations and a lot of great laughs.

After all these years, the stage is still her favourite place to be, and while still working in public health during day time, Sandra becomes an active part of The French Loop for coaching and improvisation shows whenever she can.



Born on a tiny French Island called Reunion Island, Kim has been experiencing a lot of activities there, outdoors as well as indoors such as dance, theatre, volley-ball, beach-tennis, surf, rugby and hiking. On an island, you better be an active person in love with the nature or it's not worth it to live there. 


She sticked to dancing, especially modern jazz and contemporary dance for more than 14 years, doing a lot of shows, regional and national competitions. She also practiced theatre and improv since her young age with the sister of her dance's teacher. They were both amazing women who taught her the best of theatre and dance! 

She landed in Australia on a working holiday visa with her love for travelling in 2018. She's currently doing a MBA in Business Analytics here in Melbourne. With her marketing background in France, she's part of our team to help us building a better image of The French Loop.

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Ingrid was surrounded by the Arts from a very early age, due to her father working in the Theatre industry and her mother directing an association with the aim of making art accessible to everyone.

Born in Champagne, France, she started her career in her mother’s association (Noire Pointee), by interpreting a series of Jean de la Fontaine plays and by creating through arts and crafts.

Later, she joined the “Hallebardiers Compagnie” in Haute Marne, which showcased the artistic and cultural heritage of the City of Langres through acting. She quickly became an ambassador of this company and thrived in the entertainment industry.

In 2008, she joined the “Theatre de Besançon” in order to observe and study every single role of the Theatre industry, from on stage to backstage.

In 2010, she joined the “Thea movement” in Paris region (Val de Marne) where she starred in a play written by Joel Jouanneau, in front of a young audience.

Later in the year, she signed up at the “Maison Pop” in Montreuil where she continued to learn more about theatre, music and the Arts. She also ran art & craft workshops for kids.

Since then, she moved to Melbourne, Australia, and kept her career going, by teaching after school art & craft activities, acting with the “Melbourne French Theatre” and the “French Loop Company”.

For Ingrid, artistic activities help elevate the imaginary spirit, ease self-expression, and stimulate children’s creativity.


Send your CV and motivation

The French Loop is a French Drama Company providing activities through a French immersion class.

Our motto is to offer la joie de vivre to all of our students and families. Our techniques are inspired by Keith Johnstone and Augusto Boal books and methods.  


Each class has been carefully crafted with our innovative, thoughtful and intentional curriculum to help cultivate spirited young and adult human beings who approach their learning with gusto and devotion, who are passionate and curious about stepping out of their comfort zones and being active and taking great pleasure in the simple things of life. 


What an extraordinaire introduction into the magical world of your imagination!

Come and join us as we breathe, play, sing, mime and learn together, helping shape healthy minds and bodies and creating positive memories that last a lifetime!


"We are happy with the way you teach. You are friendly, professional, knowledgeable teacher who gives skill through fun activities." Julia

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