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While we teach great foundational techniques, correct terminology in a safe environment, we also teach young children many wonderful life-long skills in a holistic way, not only during playing times.


The French Hour program was created to offer young children the opportunity to develop their creativity and expression through a French immersion.

Each class is design to this specific age and no end of term skills expected as we all know that children have their own development.

Based on our experiences and skills obtained throughout years of experience, we believe in the well being and supportive environment into making every child feel confident and happy.


French speakers and non French speakers children will be welcomed to enjoy the routine of a French drama class and regarding to their ages.


Games, readings and songs will be improved every week with steady and constant progression so that they can easily grow into the evolution of the content of the class.

  • Duration: Every classes will cover up one hour


  • Who: This program is only open to children enrolled in the school and was specially establish upon the request of parents

  • Location: Schools 


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"We are happy with the way you teach. You are friendly, professional, knowledgeable teacher who gives skill through fun activities." Julia

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