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Let's introduce you to Shake Theatre!


Forum Theatre is a technique from The Theatre of the Oppressed, a form theorised by Augusto Boal which places the audience as ‘active spectators’ and provides a chance for each member to be heard.

How does it work?

  • You write us testimonials about a specific theme

  • We rewrite them as theatre scenes

  • We recruit actors fitting the different characters and create a show

  • We perform these scenes based on your true experiences

  • You have time to give your opinion and propose different reactions to change the end of the scene


Shake Theatre will offer you shows like no other: they are made for you, with you and you can change the story’s end. Shake Theatre will listen to your past experiences and adapt them to all types of audience – including schools, charity and corporate organisations; teenagers, adults and a mixture of both!

We can even do it in French if you wish to!


Shake theatre is a wonderful educational tool which can afford people the opportunities to express themselves freely. It is not a debate, there is no right or wrong but it is a safe "bubble" to tackle oppressive societal issues such as racism, sexism, violence or economic inequality.


So don’t be shy! Come with us and together let’s unlock the dialogue and be a part of the Drama!

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