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The Improv For Teens classes program was created to offer young adults the opportunity to develop their creativity and expression through the art of improvisation. 

Based on our experiences and skills obtained throughout years of experience, we believe in the well being and supportive environment into making every teen feel confident and happy.


Games, pupetries and songs will be tailor every week with steady and constant progression so that they can easily grow into the evolution of the content of the class.


Our services:

1h30 of fun improv every week

Private access to a FB group

The last workshop open to family members

An individual PDF "end of Term check-point"



Date: During School terms

Duration:  1 hour 30

Who: For children aged from 10 to 18 years old

Location: Glen Huntly

Registration: Term enrolment- Free trial - Send an email to



"We are happy with the way you teach. You are friendly, professional, knowledgeable teacher who gives skill through fun activities." Julia

—  Name, Title

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