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Bye Bye Netflix, Hello Improv!

Home theatre is your new favourite show and you don't need a remote.

The French Loop Home Theatre - Il fait SHOW chez vous.jpg

How does it work?

(1-month minimum is required)

Step 1

Give us a call, mail or message with your request and just say Hi.

We will organise a 20min chat and define together your needs. 

Our Improv shows can start from a simple "I want to laugh with my friends" or we can create personalised shows, birthdays, weddings, theme shows and many more.

Step 2

We come and pay a visit to your place, define the content and we locate the stage area in your living room all together.

Step 3

We promote, depending if you are seeking a public or a private show, we agree on the details together.

Step 4

Show time, we come, install everything and play while you enjoy your evening.

The fun part of being a host is that you have nothing to worry about, we take care of everything, and the cleaning is included!

We bring chairs, lights, music, and all the fun to your home, et voilà!

There is no charge for hosting a show, only tickets are charged. 

For more details, feel free to ask for your 20min call with Natacha!

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