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Let imagination be with "Les Lectures Animées": The new project of The French Loop!

"Last year, Natacha Muller, actress and creator of the first French improvisation troupe in Melbourne, heard about "Le Van du Livre", a minibus driven by Anne and Jacques who crosses Australia to sell books in French. Inspired, she contacted the couple to offer them to put on a children's show in schools from a book. (...)" 


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The French Loop: the place for French improv in Melbourne!

"The French Loop is a relatively new company offering improv with a major difference: it’s in French! We had a chat to Natacha the company founder and workshop instructor. (...)"


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Natacha Muller, improvisational magician behind the first improv troupe in French!

"Tuesday morning, Melbourne, 5 degrees. It is with frozen hands that we open the doors of a CBD café to meet Natacha Muller, a warm actress who launched "The French Loop", the first French improvisation troupe in Melbourne. (...)"


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The French Loop: Drama lessons for children….in French !

"Would you like your children to learn to express themselves well in public, mime or play on stage, while learning French? The French Loop is made for you… this theatre company offers theatre lessons for young children… in French! (...)"



"We are happy with the way you teach. You are friendly, professional, knowledgeable teacher who gives skill through fun activities." Julia

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