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The French Loop :
L'improvisation à la française


In this podcast, Natacha from The French Loop talks about French Improv in Melbourne and gives examples of workshops she offers, as well as the company's projects in the coming 2022 year. 

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L'impro des "tout-petits"

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An INTERNATIONAL episode recorded at 7 a.m. (Quebec time), 1 p.m. (French time) and 10 p.m. (Australian time) to discuss children (the real ones) doing improv.

Impro Blabla


The French Loop en ce moment de confinement

The French Loop en confinement

Natacha Muller, in charge of the improv company The French Loop, talks about the life and activities during the lockdown: Facebook Live, Children Shows, Online Workshops, etc. 


Show must go on ! 

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The French Loop - Projets de 2020

Screen Shot 2020-04-21 at 17.22.44.png

Natacha Muller and Pauline Calmé talk about 2020 projects, shows and new workshops for The French Loop...

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Drama company The French Loop with Natacha

In this first episode, we're discussing how The French Loop pivoted to deal with the Covid-crisis, at a time when the classes could not operate normally and people needed entertainment. We'll also talk about Natacha's background and the history of the art of improvisation.

French Voices by French Your Way


Encore plus de blabla: Natacha, Samuel, Antoine et Armand


Among the topics covered in this podcast: counterbalancing social codes through improv, promoting their partners and their responsibility to face clichés and sensitive subjects.

Impro-Blabla talks about Improv, life and everything between those two. 

Impro Blabla


The French Loop présente "Les French Tartes"

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Meeting with Natacha Muller, Hélène Dunlop & Isadora Minet-Guilleux who play "Les French Tartes".


At Lina's Bistro in Albert Park. The French Tartes talk about EVERYTHING...

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The French Loop: Ateliers d'impro à Melbourne

Screen Shot 2020-04-21 at 17.22.26.png

Natacha Muller promotes the French language through theatrical improvisation.


She talks about her journey and the workshops she gives in Melbourne...

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"We are happy with the way you teach. You are friendly, professional, knowledgeable teacher who gives skill through fun activities." Julia

—  Name, Title

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