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The Improv(e) your French classes are very special indeed.

While we teach great foundational techniques, correct terminology in a safe environment, we also teach adults many wonderful life-long skills in a holistic way, not only during playing times.

The program was created to offer adults the opportunity to develop their creativity, self-esteem, and expression through French immersion. Each class is designed to increase confidence to speak, sing, and read/write in French.

Based on our experiences and skills obtained throughout years of experience, we believe in the well being and supportive environment into making every person feel confident and happy.

Every class will have a duration of two hours.

This will allow enough time for every person to absorb at their own pace the language and the structure of the class. Adults will be encouraged to practice their French skills in a unique context. Games, readings, puppetries and songs will evolve throughout the term as adults skills improve. 

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