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Tarte Virginie

Goes on Live!

Lockdown Sundays

On our Facebook Page

Tarte Virginie has been meeting you every Sunday of the lockdown for an Apéro Improv Live!

Fight the lockdown with laughter!


With some of YOUR themes, Tarte Virginie was able to make us laugh and chill through Improv! 


40 minutes of free live improv. 



3,2,1...Natacha makes the Show ! 

Every Friday

Via Zoom

The French Loop has presented online improv shows for children!

"Natacha makes the show" is a 100% improvised show based on the audience suggestions.


We offered an intimate show up to 4 children in order to create a very unique and personalised moment!


In addition, when you booked a ticket, it's free for siblings!

3, 2, 1... Natacha fait son show copy 2.

Lectures Animées

5 amazing shows presented at

Caulfied Primary School! 

Lectures Animées is an interactive show for children. It's a collective imaginary journey from two readings: "Le Nuage Bleu" from Tomi Ungerer and "Le Poisson Jazz" from Kylie Howart.

The show has been presented in French as well as in English, our artists just do what make the pupils happy!


Golden Lips Contest

A crazy amazing competition!

On our Facebook Page

Natacha hosted a crazy Lips-Sync Battle in June!

3 to 4 different participants competed each Saturday and offered an amazing show with a song they picked. 

Camille was the first ever "Bouche Dorée" ! Congrats ! 

Elected by YOU and exceptional judges. 

Thanks to all the amazing participants. 

What a Show ! 

Golden Lips Contest - English - JPEG.jpg

Les French Tartes

2 successful shows already

at Lina's Bistro à Vin!


Les French Tartes is a totally improved show in French. These girls know everything about everything and tourloutoutou...or not!


Who better than three cheeky young French women to tackle all the topics?


No taboos, Les French Tartes talk about everything!


More dates are coming soon, stay update...

Les French Tartes


"I highly recommend the French Loop. My 6 year old takes part in the kids workshops, Natacha does an incredible job at getting the kids to develop their imagination is a highly structured and educational way - but the kids only see the fun and play part of it! Natacha is very attentive to each kid’s personality and style, and does a great job at building on their strengths to achieve their full potential with a beautiful artistic approach. She also does a great job at connecting with families and parents, so that the fun continues at home in-between classes. The individual and family sessions are also great and tailored to your own family situation and objectives." Marie

—  Name, Title

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